Overall Advisory Committee

The committee shall assist the county 4-H faculty with the planning, conducting and evaluating of educational programs and activities for county 4-H youth. Provide input in the setting of program priorities and in assessment of theneeds of county youth. This committee is open to all persons regardless of race, creed, color, religion,national origin or gender. Members contribute to the success of the county 4-H Youth Development program by identifying issues and opportunities that serve as a basis for the 4-H program’s content and emphasis by: helping set priorities and goals for the 4-H program; implementing the 4-H program and its activities; and evaluating the 4-H program and its activities including the impact which the 4-H program and its activities make on the participants, stakeholders and county. The advisory committee volunteer will provide input in the setting of program priorities and in assessment of the needs of County youth and serve as a liaison between Indian River County 4-H the local community as needed.

     Attend committee meetings and participate in its activities.
     Become familiar with the Cooperative Extension Service of the University of Florida.
     Help identify problems, needs and opportunities.
     Help 4-H faculty set program priorities.
     Maintain knowledge of and visibility in programs implemented.
     Help to “Bridge the Gap” between local businesses and organizations and 4-H.
     Identify and recruit new members for the Advisory Committee.
     Help create county 4-H policies that ensure 4-H is accessible to all youth.
     Keep up with local concerns and interests of youth.
     Review program results with 4-H faculty.
     Assist in accounting to various stakeholders.
     Assist with the development of the annual and four-year plans of work.
     Influence policies through proper channels.
     Ensure the 4-H program follows affirmative action policy.
     Keep 4-H agent informed about contacts you may have had with elected officials.