Emergency Resources

Indian River County Emergency Services Website

Disaster PSA's on Radio

Disaster Planning for Seniors

EDIS Hurricane Topics Website

Florida Agsafe Network Website

Manual del Desastre en Espaņol

Hurricanes and Mosquitoes

Red Cross Animal Safety Articles:
    Animal Safety

    Barnyard Animal Rescue Plan

    First Aid for Pets

Chain Saw Safety:
  University of Illinois Extension Safety Article

Dry Ice:
Dry Ice Information Website:

Freezer & Refrigerators:
What to Do When Your Freezer Stops

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Links:
        FEMA Homepage

        Building a Saferoom for Your Home

        Livestock in Disasters - Hurricanes

How to Disinfect Drinking Water:
         EPA Article

          Ohio State University Extension Article

IFAS Disaster Handbook Articles:
        Disaster Preparedness for Pets

        Disinfecting Wells

        Emergency Food & Water

        Farm Recovery Chapter

        Farm Service Agency (USDA) Assistance

        Flood-Damaged Orchards

        Flooded Private Sewage Systems

        Helping Children After a Disaster

        Home Clean Up and Repair Articles

        Individual Assistance from FEMA

        Livestock Health After a Flood

        Locating Safe Drinking Water

        Mosquitoes & Stormwater Management

        Replacing Lost or Damaged Papers

        Restoring a Flooded Water System

        Turf Recovery

Link to Entire IFAS Disaster Handbook

DEP Circular on Managing Standing Water

Flooded Wells

Landscape Damage:

       EDIS Landscapes & Hurricanes Topics Website

Landscape Preparation and Recovery Links

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