Water Conservation

There is less than 1% of water available for human use! 
97% of the world's water is salt; 2% is frozen; 0.5% is in the atmosphere. 

Since water is always there when we need it, we tend to take it for granted. But as the saying goes, "You don't know what you've got 'til its gone!" Water is a nonrenewable resource just like oil, natural gas, and coal, but we don't treat it with the care it needs. Although water can be cleaned and reused, the demand for water will increase as the state's population increases. By conserving water, we can save Florida 's water supply and ensure its existence for future generations.

The links lead you to conservation tips and measures that can help you on the road of water conservation. Many of the tips don't cost a dime, but their results are invaluable if you practice them. So, make water conservation a daily habit!

  • WaterSense
    • Water efficient product list provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Florida's Water
    • St. John's River Water Management District homepage
  • Conserve Florida
    • Water conservation program clearinghouse
  • Living Green
    • UFL's sustainable living practices for people, communities, and businesses

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