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  Winter in Florida

Florida’s winter climate is generally thought of as balmy days and cool nights, perfect for outdoor pursuits and free of the harsh onslaughts of northern weather.
In reality, those balmy days can be interrupted at any time by surprisingly severe bouts of cold and wind. These weather events are of special concern to farmers and gardeners all over the state. Indian River County is unique in several ways which makes gardening here very interesting indeed!


Interesting Facts on Gardening in Indian River County:

  • USDA Plant Hardines zone is 10a along the beachside and turns to 9b from 8-10 miles along a staggered line inland, in other words warmer along the coast and cooler inland.
  • Adjustable map showing Indian River county plant hardiness zones

  • The American Horticulture Society Heat Zones are just the opposite, cooler along the coast (heat zone 9) and hotter west of I-95 (Heat zone 10).

    More on AHS Heat zones

  • Soils can vary from dry sand mixed with shell fragments along the coast and the higher elevations of ridges to rich muck along the Indian River Lagoon and the St. Johns Marsh in the western parts of the county. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has compiled detailed soil surveys available online and our Indian River County Soil & Water Conservation District office has

Publications on cold protection and winter landscape topics:


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