Water Quality Articles

The following articles were written by the former Water Quality Agent Janet Bargar dated from 2004 to 2008. She has graciously allowed us to keep her very informative articles listed. Please bear in mind some of the links contained in these articles may be outdated. Current links are shown on the Water Quality webpage at http://indian.ifas.ufl.edu/WQ/index.html

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Algae Control in Ponds (2007)

Aquascaping (2007)

Aquatic Plants for Ponds (2005)

Birds, Water (2008)

Boating (2006)

Canals & Trash (2004)

Canal Friendly Landscaping (2007)

Conserving Water (2006)

Conserving Water by Landscaping (2007)

Erosion Control (2007)

Fish Health (2007)

Harvesting Rainwater (2004)

Irrigation, Proper (2005)

Irrigation, Winter (2005)

Rain Barrels (2006)

Stormwater Ponds (2006)

Water Birds (2008)

Water Pollution by Pharmaceuticals (2008)

Water Testing (2006)

Watersheds (2006)